Juggling on the docks in Morro Bay 12-16-2022

On Friday, December 16, 2022, a bunch of us met up down at the docks in Morro Bay to juggle. Here is some of what we did:

00:00 While I was setting up my camera, Barry, Kevin, and Mario juggled in a 4-count feed doing what is colloquially known as throwing crap.

00:11 I joined in a shadowbox.

00:43 We did a 4-count crossing pattern.

01:10 I convinced everyone to try out a chopped star arrangement which is a star minus one point. We started with Barry feeding me and Mario in 4-count and Mario feeding Barry and Kevin in 4-count. We changed it so that Barry was feeding me Mario in chocolate bar (pass pass self self). That kept Mario and Kevin the same but I changed to passing 4-count with Barry second beat left. Mario then swapped places with Barry.

02:10 Mario then extemporaneously worked out a pattern I’m calling Mario’s Meteor Shower. It’s similar to Shooting Star except that it’s with 11 clubs instead of 9 and there’s continuous juggling. It’s basically a way to juggle a 4-count star pass pattern with only four jugglers and I’m working on a video to demonstrate it in more detail.

03:15 Mario had the great idea to put tape down for marks to stand on.

06:13 Mario had us mixing a chocolate bar feed and 4-count feed. I’ve discussed this kind of a pattern in my video “Juggling patterns for 4 jugglers” but that was in a box arrangement. Mario’s arrangement was more of a squashed box which pushed together the jugglers who weren’t passing with each other.

07:17 Mario and Barry juggled 7-club singles getting closer and closer together.

08:47 Me, Barry, and Mario juggled patterns in triangle.

09:25 I convinced Barry and Mario to work on my pattern Rotating Polygon Countdown 3.

10:01 Barry and Mario did a quick run of 8-club passing.

10:37 Me and Mario passed 7 clubs.

10:44 Kevin joined in a 10-club feed with Mario feeding.

11:22 I switched to feeding 10-club.

11:46 Mario fed me and Kevin in a pattern where he starts with two clubs in each hand.

12:40 We went back to a 10-club feed with Mario feeding.

13:32 We ended the night by working on a 10-club triangle.