The who, what, when, and where of juggling patterns

Video animation and explanation of the who, what, when, and where of juggling patterns. This video includes live footage for:

  • 7 clubs between two people
  • Juggling lying on the ground
  • Juggling back to back
  • Bill’s Flip of Fortune 4,7
  • The Spelling Game
  • 4-count flip progression
  • Moving shadow box
  • Basic star pattern

And animations for:

  • 1-count (ultimates)
  • 2-count
  • 3-count (waltzing)
  • 4-count (every other or therapy)
  • 2-out-of-3 (pass pass self)
  • 2-out-of-4 (chocolate bar or pass pass self self)
  • Jim’s Jam
  • Classic Civil War
  • Civil War
  • 4-count fls (flip last self aka “floss”)
  • 4-count with diagonal passes
  • 4-count feed
  • 4-count outside triangle
  • 4-count inside triangle
  • 4-count inside outside triangle
  • 2-count inside outside triangle

Passing Patterns compendium:

Special thanks to Christian Helbling for creating the animation program which was used in this video.